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Songs from the earth

Songs from the Earth

Two songs for children/ladies' choir a cappella.

Rehnqvist, Karin


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Two songs for children/ladies' choir a cappella. Composed for the Children's Choir Meeting in Skinnskatteberg in 1992.
Also available in a set for mixed choir. See ER103666

Karin Rehnqvist tells us about Night over the Earth:

At night, when everything is quiet around us, our hearing is more sensitive. We have to sing or speak more carefully, a little weaker, and with a different attitude:
" Now it is night over the earth
trembling star shines…

I wrote this piece first for children's choir. It begins with a wise-mannered simple melody in canon. Then comes another undertone, a swaying ostinato. It is repeated over and over again.
The earth, night above the earth…
The night, the stars, the darkness, the mist. The poem contains such beautiful evocative words about our reality and our common journey in the universe
- - -
Now it is night over the earth.
Trembling star, shine!
The worlds wander so far.
The darkness is without limit.
The ground and the mist and the darkness,
why do i love them
The stars wander so far.
Earth is man's home
- Erik Blomberg