Licensing & Sync
General about copyright

There are many questions about the dos and don'ts of arranging and copying. The music publishers have easy-to-understand information about copyright, arrangements, texts, publication, etc. on their website. The music publishers have also produced an information booklet with frequently asked questions about copyright and copying sheet music (PDF).


Gehrmans Musikförlag publishes a large and growing repertoire - our catalog includes e.g. old hits, teaching material, new and older chamber and orchestral music as well as an extensive choral repertoire. Abraham Hirsch Publishing, Sveriges Körförbund Publishing, Choragus, Proprius Musik and Facett Musikförlag are all part of Gehrmans. Since autumn 2007, all choral and art music from Warner Chappell's Swedish, Norwegian and Danish catalogues, including Nordiska Musikförlaget, are also included.

Gehrmans Musikförlag has entered into general subpublishing agreements with Famous Music Corp (music before 1958), Breitkopf & Härtel, Deutscher Verlag für Musik and PWM Edition. Gehrmans is also an orchestra representative for a number of foreign publishers and distributes sheet music and other material from several other publishers.