Rental material
Orchestral music & musical drama

We have over 1200 works for orchestra in our catalog: symphonies, solo concerts, songs, oratorios, music dramas and more.

Our orchestral works are normally delivered on a rental basis and you pay per performance according to our tariffs. According to practice, the rental rate is calculated based on the piece's playing time and number of performances. An amateur orchestra also has a lower tariff than a professional orchestra. For recordings where rental material is used, a fixed rate per recorded minute applies. Special regulations apply to music-dramatic works.

Scores can be purchased for most works. If you are planning a performance, it is also a good idea to borrow a score free of charge for viewing for a limited time.

We also represent other publishers, such as Boosey & Hawkes and Schott (see below), in our territory. Most of the repertoire of other publishers that we represent can be searched for information about and ordered in Zinfonia.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or if you need help. Finnish customers are referred to our subsidiary Fennica Gehrman


When ordering rental material, you will be linked to our partner Zinfonia .

Zinfonia combines up-to-date information from many of the world's largest rental catalogs into one place. In order to search and place orders, you must first register.

Registered user of Zinfonia can:

  • Quickly find and view information and links to thousands of composers, titles and publishers
  • Communicate directly with your local distributor to ask questions, get quotes and place orders
  • Use the "My Catalogue" section to save your search results in one place
  • Collect all your orders in one place and receive automatic status updates directly from Zinfonia Connect

Here is a direct link for registration. Registration is free of charge.

Please note that the above refers to orchestra material on a rental basis. You can buy other editions and scores for many of the orchestral works directly in the online store .


Representations & rental conditions
Rental Representations

In addition to our own music, we also represent several international publishers who together have a significant share of the repertoire played in our country.

We are an agency for the following publishers in terms of rental material and scenic works:

  • Boosey & Hawkes incl. Bote & Bock and Sikorski
    for Sweden
  • Breitkopf & Härtel
    for Sweden and Norway
  • Fennica Gehrman incl. Fazer and Warner/Chappell Finland
    for Sweden
  • Körling Music Publishing
    for the whole world
  • PWM Edition
    for Sweden, Norway and Denmark
  • Schott incl. Lienau/Zimmermann and Thomi-Berg
    for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania
  • Universal Music Publishing Classical incl. Ricordi, Editions Durand, Salabert, Eschig, Editio Musica Budapest, Rob Forberg Musikverlag and Decca Publishing
    for Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania

Rental conditions

When you rent sheet music from Gehrmans Musikförlag
the following conditions apply:

  1. The material may only be used publicly for agreed performances.
  2. Complaints about delivered material must be notified to the publisher no later than 10 days after the material has been received.
  3. Appropriate agreement between STIM and the institution giving the concert is assumed.
  4. The material may not, without special agreement with the publisher:
  5. The customer is responsible for returning the material in good condition after use. Notes, strokes, etc. may only be made with pencil.
  6. The parts must be returned according to score order (with the string parts at the bottom).
  7. The material is returned with a traceable shipping method and the sender is responsible for the material arriving at the publisher.
  8. Complete material must be returned to the publisher without warning ( return addresses can be found here ) no later than 14 days after the (last) performance. If the time is exceeded, an additional fee of 50% of the basic rental fee per started 30-day period is payable. Missing scores and parts will be charged immediately without reminder according to the original publisher's requirements. Minimum fee SEK 150 excluding VAT. Should the missing parts of the material be fixed at a later stage, crediting of invoiced amounts will not be allowed.
  9. Return of unused material must take place immediately and at the latest before the planned performance in order for partial crediting of the rental fee to be considered. Contact Us!
  10. The rental cost is invoiced when the order is placed.
  11. Brokerage fee and costs for shipping and packaging are charged.
  12. The music publisher has the right, on request, to receive two free tickets for each performance.
  13. In the case of music-dramatic works, special conditions apply and a special written agreement with the publisher is required.