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For curious ears and happy feet
An educational material that has become something of a classic in music and rhythm education.
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Äppelbo walk around the world
Here, the well-known walking song makes a humorous journey around the world. The score contains tips for the performance. A given audience success!
Nordstrom, Erik
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Rainbow 1
For teaching in a whole class or other large group on violin and/or cello.
Tilling Gratte, Evabritt
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Drive for everyone
The material consists of methodology and idea books as well as a repertoire book, which together provide the knowledge that the choir director needs.
Leijon, Jerker
unison/SA/SSA/SAB/SATB + piano
224 kr
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The Wanderer
Simple arrangement for symphony orchestra by Claes Henke.
Wester, Mats
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Prima Vista
Prima Vista is the study material for you who want to practice your music reading. The exercise book contains a CD
Nyström, Jonas
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Two folk melodies
The royal children and And the maiden she walks in the ring for string orchestra.
Alfvén, Hugo
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Mini suite
Viola part playable for violin 3.
Nilsson, Hans
103 kr
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Cantilena e Marcia populare no 1
Koch, Erland von
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Christmas potpourri
Four songs for children's or youth choir with piano and/or instrumental ensemble.
Horovitz, Roland
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Learn to play the guitar
Beginner's school. Combines solo playing, accompaniment, playing according to notes, playing by ear, technical training and theory.
Holecek, Josef
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Atlas Anatomicus
Ten lovely songs in many musical styles about unknown but important body parts.
Olofsson, P/Ryd, R/Sandman H
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The music tax
Fun, creative and varied teaching with Musikskatten! For children between 6–12 years.
Gren, Katarina/Nilsson, Birger
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Egg maracas, 2 pcs
Plastic egg maracas. sold in 2-packs.
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The magical garden
Price reduced 30%. Sixteen new songs aimed at children from preschool age up to ten years old.
Nordstrand, Chrisitna
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Goat drum skin. Available in two sizes.
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Polish after Viksta-Lasse
A collection of pastiches based on a polish after the upland fiddler Viksta-Lasse.
Nordstrom, Erik
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The Only Thing That You Keep Changing Is Your Name
For orchestra.
Valfridsson, Jonas
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Drottningholm music
Arrangement for school orchestra with variable crew by Claude Génetay. Contains sets 1, 17 and 20.
Novel, Johan Helmich
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Find the Right!
A music-packed treasure hunt for children's rights.
Ensemble Yria
127 kr
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Learn from the Masters - Classical harmony
"Classical harmony" develops your ability to harmonize and analyze music through the study of the works of the great masters.
Ingelf, Sten
0 kr
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Sanctus: London
For mixed choir a cappella.
Gjeilo, Ola
SATB division
53 kr
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Textbook in Rhythm Reading
Textbook in Rhythm Reading
Jersild, Jørgen
466 kr
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Together again
Songs for senior choirs and other singers.
Bäckström, Birgitta
mixed choir, women's choir, senior choir
56 kr