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At Teasdale's

For TTBB divisi with text by Sara Teasdale.

Damström, Cecilia

TTBB division

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Cecilia Damström (b. 1988) is a Finnish-Swedish composer and pianist with a rich production of music for choirs and chamber ensembles. Her piece for male choir, At Teasdale's, brings to life in three short, concentrated movements American poet Sara Teasdale's beautiful poems about the sea, night and love: At Sea, At Night and At Midnight.

Cecilia Damström's At Teasdale's won first prize in Linköping's Student Singers composition competition in 2016. The jury's justification reads: "For an artistic and well-composed suite in three movements that congenially interprets and conveys Sara Teasdale's sparse and expressive texts. The composer takes advantage of the male choir instrument's great richness of sound and variation possibilities with a tangible feeling for the conditions of the male voice. With its personal tone, At Teasdale's has great potential to be appreciated by singers and audiences alike.”