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Damström, Cecilia

Nixus - Score (A3)

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Nixus - Study score (A4)

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Nixus - Rental material


There is also a version for orchestra GE 13964. Click HERE . There you can also listen to the piece with the Karelia Philharmonic Orchestra

Commissioned by Big Music for Small Cities
Dedicated to Anyone who suffers from mental illness in any form
Cecilia Damströms writes:
"The Latin word "nixus" can translate as effort, pressure or strain. Nixus is dedicated to anyone who suffers from mental illness in any form. In this work, I try to illustrate how thoughts jump back and forth at a rapid pace, and often form a kind of hamster wheel, a vicious circle from which it is difficult to break out. I try to describe how the thoughts often lead to very gloomy moods and anxiety, which can even become physical manifestations in the body, like palpitations and pressure in the chest.”