Cecilia Damström – Extinctions premieres in Helsinki

Friday 26 January will see the world premiere of Cecilia Damström's orchestral work Extinctions in Helsinki Music Centre. The 20-minute work describes the different phases of the evolution of life on Earth.

"As we stand on the verge of the sixth mass extinction, the Holocene Extinction, I find myself reflecting on the profound history of our planet and the earlier five major extinction events that have shaped life on Earth. The piece explores the creation of life on earth, it's evolutions and extinctions through different sound worlds", says Cecilia Damström.

Here you can listen to Cecilia describing the different parts of her work:

  1. The Proterozoic (earliest life forms), The Cambrian and Ordovician period, Ordovician Silurian Extinction
  2. The Silurian Period, The Late Devonian Extinction
  3. The Carboniferous period, The Permian Period, The Great Dying,
  4. The Triassic period and extinction,
  5. The Jurassic period, The Cretaceous Paleogene Extinction

Extinctions was commissioned by the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra that will give the premiere performance of the work under the direction of Chloé Dufresne in Helsinki Music Center on Friday 26 January .

The concert can also be viewed live on Yle Arena