With her long experience of working with children as both teacher and children's choir leader, Birgitta Bäckström is one of our most appreciated creators of songs about school children's everyday life, play and movement, the environment and the year's holidays and changes. Her work has been widely distributed, not only in Sweden, and she has received awards and scholarships, among others
other from the Artists' Board and STIM. She has also received a scholarship from the Alice Tegnér fund and participated as a lyricist in the book Alice Tegnér – musikskapare.

Birgitta Bäckström, born in 1941 in Skara, is a music creator and lyricist for a large number of nursery rhymes and musical fairy tales that have been published both in Sweden and Finland, at Gehrmans and Wessmans Musikförlag, among others. She is a trained primary school teacher and has worked as a children's choir director for over thirty years.

In addition to her work, she has composed, mainly for children but also for adults, not least older choir singers. Titles likeThe earth is ours,Peace begins with the childrenandWe want a summer vacationhas become widespread not only in Sweden. A show that has been highly appreciated for many yearsIt will come one day, a song for sadness and loss but also hope and joy.

Many of Birgitta's songs are available to listen toSpotifyandYoutube.