Daniel Berg, marimba player and chamber musician, combines a large concert activity with teaching and composing. He is a professor of percussion at the University of Gothenburg and teaches solo percussion and chamber music at the University of Stage and Music in Gothenburg, the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and the Academy of Music in Örebro. As a composer, he has not only written a number of pieces for percussion, but also a number of acclaimed choral pieces, often with a humorous touch.

There have been many solo works for marimba, for exampleOver the Moon,DecemberandBlue Memories, today well-known standard works for the marimba. In 2017, Daniel Berg wrote hisConcertino for marimba and strings. The inspiration was taken from the same idea that Lars-Erik Larsson had with his12 Concertinifor different instruments. A concert that could be performed by amateur orchestras while the solo part made higher demands on the skill of the instrumentalists. In his Concertino, Daniel Berg wanted to highlight the melodic percussion instrument marimba, and at the same time inspire young musicians to discover classical percussion.

In Daniel Berg's works for choir, a humorous touch and a strong connection to percussion are particularly noticeable. His prized works for voice choir, balloons (!) and percussionI'm Nobody!come 2016,The caravanfor cheerful speech choir with imaginative nonsense lyrics and percussion as well3' 44'' for the whispering choir in 2018. Daniel Berg's choral works are also noticeableCompositionfor mixed choir and organ (or marimba) andStarsfor mixed choir and a marimba (or a Fender Rhodes Electric Piano from the sweet 60s).

Together with Fredrik Duvling, he forms the percussion duo Rhythm Art Duo, which has been released together5 Funny Pieces for the Young Choirfor voice choir, kazoo etc.