Olle Lindberg's choral music is colored by jazz and rhythmic elements. Sprung from the musical valley family with father Nils Lindberg and grandfather's brother Oskar, Olle has created his own tone, where the goal is to touch and where instrumentalists and soloists get to interact with the choir in a constant conversation. His music is singable and his main inspiration is the beauty of nature.

Composer Olle Lindberg has been greatly influenced by his years as a singer in Stockholm's professional choir; of the traditional Swedish choral sounds of Eric Ericson, but not least of the conductor Lone Larsen's method for creative co-creation, where the goal is precisely to touch. His many years in the vocal ensemble Voces Nordicae (nowVoNo)
led to the composing ofMiss Nordica, dedicated to the choir.


After his youth with guitar and pop as his main interest, a few years at Sjövik Folkhögskola followed, which led to studies at the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. The music teacher line was supplemented with music theory and composition for, among others, Lars Erik Rosell and Per-Gunnar Alldahl. The direction changed from pop to classical music and jazz, and in addition to the songs he always wrote, he composed increasingly large works, mainly for choirs in church contexts.


Among the works is noticeableMiss Nordicafor eight-part mixed choir a cappella,Winter organfor choir and orchestra with text by EA Karlfeldt,Mass for consolationfor mixed choir, treble choir and solo violin as wellParty music, festive cantata to text by Martin Luther. Kyrie and Gloria from Missa Nordica are on the recording"Time is Now"with Voces Nordicae. Olle Lindberg's requiem,A Requiem for the Livingfor two soloists, mixed choir and orchestra, premiered in Stockholm in November 2019.


The last few years have meant many commissions in connection with anniversaries, for example for Sweden's 500th anniversary in 2023 in Strängnäs Cathedral, when the cantataFreedompremiered in the presence of the royal couple, the Minister of State, the Speaker and others.

In May 2024 was premieredSing to the glory of the Lordin Västerås Cathedral, which is an order from Västerås Diocese's Church Choir Association for their 100th anniversary. The play is now published at Gehrmans.

In November 2024, Olles will be premieredMagnificat, which is an order from Mariefred's parish for the church's 400th anniversary celebration. Participants include musicians from the Court Chapel.


Olle Lindberg teaches harmony and aural theory at SMI, Stockholm's music education institute, and tours Sweden together with Agnes Lindberg Frisk in the duo A&O. He also performs concerts with his partner Mimmi Rosendahl in the duo Rosendahl / Lindberg. Also participates as bassist and guitarist in the Bach Ensemble Sörmland.

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