Valborg Aulin (1860−1928) was born in Gävle and studied at Stockholm's music conservatory under, among others, Ludvig Norman. She also studied in Copenhagen, Berlin and Paris between 1885 and 1887. Teachers during these years included Niels W Gade and Jules Massenet.

Valborg Aulin had a significant career as a composer in his home city of Stockholm. However, it was interrupted in 1903 when she moved to Örebro to work as a music teacher. She appeared as a pianist in chamber music works with her brother Tor Aulin in the Aulin Quartet and in other contexts. During her active years as a composer, she received numerous works
published and performed. With a good education and strongly influenced by her upbringing, she wrote music that was appreciated in her time: works mostly for the home and salon, French-influenced, but still clearly belonging to a Nordic tradition.

The two chorusesMy happiness was so shortandLight starswas written in 1893 and reissued in 2018 in connection with the celebration of Gehrmans Musikförlag's 125th anniversary. Valborg Aulin is also represented in the compilation editionSwedish piano music.

Valborg Aulin is one of the composers whose music was presented in film form in the Swedish choral music project, a collaboration withMikaeli Chamber Choir.