Thomas Jennefelt 70 years

With his vocally anchored and expressive music, Thomas Jennefelt is one of our most established contemporary composers. Already at the age of 22, he composed one of his most successful choral works, the dramatic and provocative one Warning to the Rich , and almost half a century later, Jennefelt's orchestral works, chamber music and operas have been played on the big stages around the world. He has created his own language, made apartment opera and portrayed the horrors of war. With his long experience as a singer in Eric Ericson's Chamber Choir, he has a solid knowledge of the voice and its expressive possibilities. His catalog of choral music is large and rich, and is constantly expanding with new commissions from top European choirs.

Thomas is one of our most active and influential Swedish cultural figures. Today, April 24, 2024, we congratulate him on his 70th birthday and look forward to following the composer and friend Thomas for many, many more years!

On there is a biography of Thomas Jennefelt by Gunilla Petersén and an interview about Swedish choral music.

On Thomas Jennefelt's own website you can see his entire list of works