Susanna Lindmark is a composer with a master's degree from the Academy of Music in Piteå, a creative choir conductor and a central force in northern Sweden's musical life. Lindmark's music is recognizable by its dense sounds, rhythmic elements with significant swing and influences from folk music and yojk. It reflects her strong will to touch both singers and audience and to find new ways for choral singing as a form of expression. Her music has been praised and awarded internationally as well.

In his ensembleArctic Lightshe has created a development forum for young female singers from Norrbotten where communication, stage design and improvisation are important parts. Susanna Lindmark is a trained singing teacher and has worked, among other things, in Nacka Musikklasser in Stockholm. She is strongly committed to leadership that takes advantage of the individual's creativity and competence. In 2012, she was named Piteå Municipality's Culture Prize Winner and in 2017, Children and Youth Choir Leader of the Year. She is the initiator and project manager of Körcentrum Nord, part of Norrbottensmusiken in Piteå.


Susanna Lindmark was one of the choral composers whose works were presented in Gehrman's series #svenskkörmusik, who by highlighting a number of female composers wanted to work for greater balance and equality in the music industry. Lindmark's works in the series,Tshitta saltunza, was commissioned by a Swiss vocal ensemble and has been recorded by Erik Westberg's vocal ensemble.


HerSong of Hopehas spread around the world and the version for SATB was premiered by 19 youth choirs together during the opening of the 13th European Youth Choir Festival in Basel, Switzerland in 2023.


In 2023, Susanna Lindmark received the Medal for the promotion of the musical arts from the Kgl Musikaliska Akademien "for her tireless and creative work in strengthening and developing choral singing and musical life in northern Sweden."

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